Historical Mystery

Call to a Nightmare: A Dr. Gabriel and Miss Bishop Thriller

It was the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age. The era of Model T Fords and flappers, bootleggers and G-men. Spiritualism was all the rage and everybody wanted to talk to the dead. Except Dr. Alex Gabriel, who thought talking to dead people was ridiculous. Until he met Savannah Bishop, the country’s most unique medium. Using Savannah’s contacts with the World Beyond, Dr. Gabriel and Miss Bishop set out to solve a series of brutal murders that range from the glitz of Hollywood to the backwoods of Arkansas and eventually to the bohemian Left Bank of Paris and finally to pre-Nazi Berlin.

Deadline: New York

The cheap paperback PI novel was about a dark conspiracy inside the U.S. government. The novel was great fun. But what if it was true? Set in the summer of 1952, Deadline: New York centers on the emerging paperback book industry in New York City. The protagonist is a former Naval intelligence officer and best-selling writer of paperback adventure novels who is asked by a secretary at his publishing house to investigate the suicide of her boyfriend. At the heart of the investigation is a state senate hearing on obscenity in the paperback industry and, as the story progresses, the protagonist uncovers a widespread conspiracy inside the government, law enforcement and America’s major corporations.