Thrillers & Suspense

Atlas 5

In “Atlas 5,” we meet John Coffman, a man who believed he was moving to a serene Florida retirement after leaving his home in Colorado. Little did he know that life was far from over. The quiet hamlet of Bay St. Edwards transforms into a battleground when a powerful hurricane strikes, and John’s tranquil life takes an unexpected turn.

But amidst the storm-ravaged chaos, John finds more than survival. He encounters a wonderful woman who kindles new love in his heart. He gets entwined in a murder mystery that challenges his intellect and courage. The catastrophe becomes an unexpected blessing as it reunites him with his estranged family, bringing them closer in these trying times.

As the plot thickens, John must save his grandchildren from a horrifying threat – a pair of psychotic killers on the loose. In this riveting tale of survival, love, and family, Jim Lester takes you on an unforgettable ride filled with suspense and human resilience.